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Data Creation & Moving

Create Data by sensors in Enterprise or Dev and move them in Cloud

Agil Deployments in Jaim Dynamics

We uses a DevOps approach for all our services & products. Every step is measure for better improvement.

No Data no Analysis

Many Big Data projects forget to consider that there is no data, others have dirty data, uncalibrated sensors, and even information in manual logs, which prevent you from having real-time visualizations. Back to the basics, create data and how to get that data in real time in cloud, that's what makes Jaim Dynamics with state-of-the-art technology like Libelium. The Jaim methodology proposes five steps, which you can be from the beginning or in some of them, in which we can help you:

Predict Data

How to implement algorithms like Linear Regressions or PCA and so on and implemented that in a predict model. ...

Present Data

How to present data in real time or near real time, customs graphics, in mobile apps, and portals. And even more how to extract value of the reports. ...

Clean Data

When DataSources has dirty data, it means that are error values or missing values its time to clean it.  ...

Move Data

Data Collect in all environments, it means how to extract the data in pipes and in real time. Move the data in only one repository and without copies...

Create Data

When data its not in an Information Systems, then you need to create it. Libelium IoTs with Jaim help you to make data in different industries...

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